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Treis Properties, LLC is a premium Concierge Services company providing customized home watch, home maintenance, emergency response, and concierge services throughout Milwaukee, Waukesha, and Walworth counties.

How It Works

Our services are as impeccable, unique, and diverse as our esteemed clientele. Treis Properties, LLC offers specialized services within each service category, including home watch, home maintenance, and real estate. However, there is no one size fits all program.

You mix and match any of your services and we will create a program that is ideal for your lifestyle. At Treis Properties, LLC, we contract the area’s finest professionals that cater to each and every client with a passion for excellence and an everlasting relationship.

Home Watch

You’re successful. You’re driven. You take risks.

You’ve worked hard to earn your beautiful home, but leaving your home unattended while you travel is one risk you shouldn’t take.

Whether it’s time away from your vacation home or your main home, with Treis Properties, LLC’s Premium Home Watch Service you will be able to fully immerse yourself in your pursuits of business or pleasure without worrying about what could happen while you’re away.

At Treis Properties, LLC, we are committed to offering you the ultimate, discreet, and customized home watch program. Our licensed and bonded service can be tailored to your specific needs and desires to ensure that you’re able to depart knowing that your precious domain will be protected, maintained, and prepared for you to enjoy upon your return.

Home Maintenance

Your time is a commodity. Free time is a luxury.

Let’s be honest. When it comes to home maintenance, it can be tedious work. Forget worrying about measurements and logistics. You have bigger priorities than slaving over a home improvement plan. Why focus on that when you could be investing it in your career?

Treis Properties, LLC Management supports your success by listening to your needs and assisting you in creating a customized home maintenance program.

Whether your home maintenance needs are preventative or comprehensive, the one thing Treis Properties, LLC has in common with you is a dedication to excellence. No matter how small or extensive your home maintenance project may be, you can count on our team of experts to deliver an unrivaled and seamless service.

When it comes to building the perfect home, you expect to hire an experienced top-shelf team of experts. This is an investment that preserves and enhances the value, life, and beauty of your home. Do-it-yourself projects won’t cut it when it comes to prioritizing your time, achieving class, and maximizing resale value.

Legal Professional Collaborations

You’re an attorney. A craftsman…
…the ultimate advocate and an expert at using the law to expedite the most favorable results for your clients.

In lieu of the contract that spells out the responsibilities to be fulfilled by each other, it’s inevitable that your clients, during the emotional times of divorce or a loss in the family, will lean on you with the obvious question: “How am I going to handle all of these added responsibilities?”

Family members left with a trust including real estate will now need assistance in maintaining or selling the property. Divorced couples are now struggling with solo responsibilities once managed as a couple.

Among all, there is for your clients to manage professionally, personally, and emotionally, as a trust or divorce lawyer, you can call upon Treis Properties, LLC for immediate and ongoing client support.

We take great pride in our soft approach and empathy when meeting with your troubled clients. You can lean on us to help disperse your clients’ sudden added responsibilities and we will credit you in helping them acquire peace and balance of life instead of being left with the pressure of making the transition alone.

Your trust is our motivation to develop an everlasting bond with your legal practice.

Residential Real Estate

Buying or Selling a Home in Southeastern Wisconsin

Meet Jim Treis, Treis Properties, LLC’s President and Professional Residential Real Estate Agent. Jim lives locally and is affiliated with Treis Properties, LLC, the region’s most premier and respected real estate firm.

Combine Jim’s expert knowledge and Treis Properties, LLC services and you have the inside track on getting introduced to qualified buyers when selling your home. Jim can even help you get your home show-ready inside and out with access to the vast array of service professionals that have been carefully selected by Treis Properties, LLC.

As a home buyer, you are also able to tap into Jim’s extensive knowledge on the best homes listed, the hottest areas to buy, and access to the newest listings that meet your specific qualifications. Once you are in your new home, you will have Treis Properties, LLC always standing by to assist you with any home watch or home maintenance needs as well.

Concierge Services

When the Little Things Mean a Lot

Add on Treis Properties, LLC concierge services to your Home Watch program and getting away will truly mean “leaving it all behind.” When you return, all you need to do is unpack. We’ll have everything taken care of for you.

When traveling, our clients don’t want to come home to an ice cold living room and an empty refrigerator. Planning a weekend of rest and relaxation at your lake home? Why bother spending half of your time cleaning and shopping?

Treis Properties, LLC will have your home ready. We will pick up your laundry, cut the grass, set the thermostat, and even have your groceries picked up and put away.

Need your boat waiting in the water? Beach chairs and towels ready for the kids? Or how about one of your vehicles transported so you can ride together as a family? Treis Properties, LLC will do it for you. Just ask.

Emergency Services

Expecting the Unexpected

Sure, there are other Home Watch programs to choose from, but Treis Properties, LLC is not your typical turnkey, peak in and duck out type of service. When you add on Treis Properties, LLC Emergency Services, you’ll know there is nothing that will cut your vacation or business trip short.

We will prepare your home for severe weather warnings and if the unexpected happens, we’ll respond with all of our service providers in-tow. You never plan for a broken window, exploding pipes, roof damage, or a car crashing into your home. But if it happens, you’ll know Treis Properties, LLC is responding with blazing speed and precision.

We’ll keep you up to speed on everything and even provide your insurance company with necessary documentation, photos, and police reports.

Services List by Category

Your program can include any combination of our services below, and your Treis Properties, LLC Personal Concierge will assist you in creating the perfect program customized to your exact specifications.

All Services

  • Home Watch Services
  • Home Maintenance
  • Concierge Services
  • Emergency Services
  • Legal Collaborations
  • Auto Services
  • Marine Services
  • Residential Real Estate

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